Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The interdependency between sustainable development and the society.

Rural Water Supply Ltd. recognises the delicate interdependency between its own sustainable development and that of the society from which it extracts its economic resources.

The company therefore, acknowledges that it must adhere to ethical principles and practices in its service deliverable, labour practices, human rights and community involvement and development.

Our commitment is ensure that the communities in which we operate benefits by the services we deliver, the employment we create, the skills we hone and develop, the assistance we give and the hope for a better Jamaica that we encourage.

We accept the fact that we have a responsibility to society and we are committed to execute our responsibility in the best interest of all the stakeholders.

Rural Water Supply Limited in keeping with its mandate to give back to the community adopted the TyDixon Basic School in St. Catherine. Minister, The Hon, Robert Pickersgill, the staff and Board Members of Rural Water joined hands and hearts with the community members of TyDixon to give the basic school a well needed face lift.

The company also donated pieces of furniture to the school including a desk and chair for the Principal. In December 2013, the company treated the children at TyDixon.