Status: completed Westmoreland, Petersfield, Bird Mountain

Bird Mountain Rainwater Catchment and Tank

Location/Communities Affected:

      Bird Mountain, Westmoreland
                  The facility lies in Central Westmoreland, in the community of Bird Mountain. Bird
                  Mountain is situated in the Petersfield Division, near Williamsfield, Blackheath and
                  Porters Mountain.
Background and Purpose:
      The Bird Mountain rainwater catchment and tank facility is situated in the Bird Mountain community and housed a tank that was found to be in good condition. However, the catchment area as well as the perimeter fencing and the pipe house was in a state of disrepair. The lack of fencing exposed the facility to contaminating forces such as animals, animal excrements and forces carried by the wind. This exposure rendered the water unsafe for human consumption and as a result, the Government of Jamaica made the decision to conduct repairs on the facility. These repairs provided the community of Bird Mountain with a reliable source of potable (drinkable) water.
Projected Outputs:
       The outputs of the project were:
  •          The installation of 152.4m long1.22m high chain link perimeter fencing.
  •          The repairing of the pipe house.
  •          The installation of 37mm galvanized iron valves.
  •          The installation of 25mm lock off valves and fittings.
  •          The repairing to the catchment area walls.


Operator of the System:
      The Westmoreland Parish Council is responsible for operating and maintaining the catchment facility.
Status and Cost:
      The project was completed at a cost of $2.907 million.
Project Management Team:                              
      The project management team comprised of Mr. Patrick Reid from Rural Water Supply.
Work in Process: