Status: completed Manchester, Walderston, Chantilly

Chantilly Rainwater Catchment and Tank

Location/Communities Affected:
      Chantilly, Manchester
                The facility lies in North Eastern Manchester in the community of Chantilly. Chantilly is located in the Walderston Division.
Background and Purpose:
      Previously, Chantilly housed a catchment facility that was in need of fencing repairs and waterproofing works. At a later date, after these repairs were done, Rural Water Supply Ltd received reports that the storage tank was leaking. This reduced the supply of water available to the residents of Chantilly and as a result, the Manchester Parish Council, which is responsible for the facility, was contacted and a joint investigation was carried out. The results showed that the side walls and the bottom of the tank were in need of waterproofing and the galvanized iron pipes, that led to an existing stand pipe, were leaking. This project repaired the damages to the facility so that more water could be readily available to the residents of Chantilly.
Projected Outputs:
       The outputs of the project were:
  •          The rendering of the walls and bottom of the storage tank.
  •          The waterproofing of the storage tank.
  •          The repairing of the leakages in the galvanized iron pipes.
Operator of the System:
      The Manchester Parish Council is responsible for operating and maintaining the catchment facility.
Status and Cost:
      The project was completed at a cost of $1.802 million.
      This project started on April 3, 2014 and ended on May 9, 2014.
Project Management Team:                              
      The project management team comprised of Mr. Patrick Reid from Rural Water Supply.