Status: completed St. Elizabeth, Myersville, Genus

Genus Rainwater Catchment and Tank Rehabilitation

Location/Communities Affected:

     Genus, St. Elizabeth
               The facility lies in South East St. Elizabeth, primarily in the community Genus which is
               in close proximity to Long Hill and Essex Valley.
Background and Purpose:
      Genus housed a catchment facility that had a storage tank, catchment area, pipe house, metal gate and perimeter fencing that was in a state of disrepair. The storage tank was leaking and this reduced the amount of water available to the residents and the lack of fencing, gating and disrepair catchment area presented a problem as it allowed the facility to be contaminated by external forces. Some of these external forces include animals, animal excrements and humans and they rendered water unsafe for human consumption. Due to the problem that these damages caused, the Government of Jamaica made the decision to make the necessary repairs to the facility. The repairs offered the residents of Genus with a safe, reliable and adequate source of potable (drinkable) water.
Projected Outputs:
       The outputs of the project were:
  •          The repairing of the 1.524m high chain link fencing.
Operator of the System:
      The St. Elizabeth Parish Council is responsible for operating and maintaining the catchment facility.
Status and Cost:
      The project was completed at a cost of $2.706 million.
      This project started on May 19, 2014 and ended on July 11, 2014.
Project Management Team:                              
      The project management team comprised of Mr. Patrick Reid from Rural Water Supply.