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Rural Water Supply Investing In Tydixon Community

The Rural Water Supply Limited (RWSL), as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, is carrying out improvements to community infrastructure in the rural St. Catherine community of TyDixon.

The investment in the community is being done in phases, starting with TyDixon Basic School and a water catchment tank, which serves the community.

On Labour Day (May 23), representatives of the company were joined by residents in refurbishing the school, including roof patching, rendering and painting of walls, and repairing bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The catchment tank, part of a water supply system installed by the RWSL in the community in 2005, was also rehabilitated.

“We are refurbishing the catchment tank in TyDixon,” said Managing Director of RWSL, Audley Thompson, who was part of the team participating in the workday.

“The water supply in TyDixon that we had left eight years ago has fallen into disrepair so we have fixed it again, so there is now water in the community,” he told JIS News.

Apart from having an existing project in the community, Senior Administrative Assistant at RSWL, Patricia Taylor, highlighted other reasons why the TyDixon community was chosen to benefit as part of the company’s anniversary celebrations.

“We didn’t want to stay in town because we know that a number of institutions are in the urban area doing projects, so we thought of a close community. One of our engineers also told us about the needs of the school, a part of it wasn’t rendered, so we thought it would be fitting to come here to do our Labour Day Project.”

RWSL, instituted April 1983, is wholly owned by the Government of Jamaica and has a mandate to improve the basic sanitary/health conditions by increasing the coverage of potable water and sanitation services in poor rural areas.