Status: completed St. Mary, Huddersfield, Mango Valley

Huddersfield/Mango Valley Water Supply Scheme

Location/Communities Affected:
      Huddersfield/Mango Valley, St. Mary
                  The facility lies in Western St. Mary in the communities of Huddersfield and Mango
Background and Purpose:
     Previously, Mango Valley and Huddersfield did not contain a water supply system, therefore, the Government of Jamaica had made the decision to convey potable (drinkable) water from the Stewart Town Forced Mains. This supply can service approximately 12,000 persons in the areas of Mango Valley and Huddersfield. A pumping station was constructed at Enchanted Gardens, which pumps water to the steel tank that was constructed in Mango Valley.
 Projected Outputs:
       The outputs of the project were:
  •          The construction of a 270 cu.m/hr Relift Pumping Station at Enchanted Gardens.
  •          The construction of a 100 cu.m. steel tank at Enchanted Gardens.
  •          The installation of 1,100m of 300mm ductile iron.
  •          The installation of 2,500m of 250mm ductile iron.
  •          The installation of 400m of 200mm ductile iron.
  •          The installation of 4,090n if 150mm ductile iron mains.
  •          The construction of a 1,100 cu.m. steel tank at Mago Valley.
Operator of the System:
      The National Water Commission is responsible for operating and maintaining the supply scheme.
Status and Cost:
      The project was completed at a cost of $68.1 million.