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Rural Water Fulfills Promise to Refurbish Tydixon Basic School

Member of Parliament for North West St. Catherine, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, unveils sign with Principal of TyDixon Basic School, Mrs. Marie Campbell, on Labour Day (May 23). The school was refurbished as the Labour Day project.

The promise by Rural Water Supply Company Limited (RWSL) to refurbish the TyDixon Basic School, in North West St. Catherine, was fulfilled on Labour Day, May 23.
Managing Director of RWSL, Audley Thompson, told JIS News that the company has had an eight-year relationship with the school, which can accommodate 20 students.
“We saw that the school needed to be refurbished. The roof needed to have some repairs done, some sections of the outer walls needed to be rendered and painted, the toilet needed fixing and the kitchen had to be repaired,” he said. Financing for the project, which costs approximately $150,000, was obtained from the consultancy service of the company.  Mr. Thompson noted that this is part of RWSL’s corporate responsibility.

Meanwhile, Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, in whose constituency the school is located, told JIS News that beautifying the school was a good idea, which would uplift the community and the children who attend the school.

“The administration is zeroing in on basic schools and you can’t go wrong if you focus on them, giving them a good start,” the Minister said. Member of Parliament for North West St. Catherine, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, paints a wall at TyDixon Basic School, as part of Labour Day activities, on May 23. Mr. Pickersgill pointed out that it was money well spent and he was sure that parents and teachers would be appreciative of the effort.

For her part, Principal of the school, Marie Campbell, said she is elated to see the work being carried out at the school, as it was well needed  “When I saw the working going on, I felt so good. I have to thank God and Rural Water Supply Limited, the community and all the other people involved in getting these things done for the children,” she told JIS NewsLabour Day activities were carried  out under the theme: ‘Lend a Hand…Build Our land’.

Contact: Rodger Hutchinson